White Pine Government

Mission Statement: As governing members of the Town of White Pine, we are committed to making sure our town remains a GOOD place to visit, a GREAT place to play, and a GRAND place to live. We can accomplish this by providing citizens and visitors with an open door government, choices which reflect fiscal responsibility, and progressive services and facilities.

The government of the Town of White Pine is administered by a Mayor and five Aldermen. This governing body appoints a Recorder who acts as the financial officer of the town and also serves as the Municipal Judge.

The town has a population of 2,196 per the 2010 census. There are 21 employees, 8 of which are police officers. The town provides water, wastewater treatment, street cleanup (includes brush/leaf pickup), and garbage services.

The property tax rate is $1.22 per $1,000 assessment.

ISO Fire Rating: 4

Government Officials

Mayor: Glen E. Warren
Recorder/Judge: Alyson P. Susong
Police Chief: Chad Cotter
Public Works Director: Bob Hardy
Volunteer Fire Chief: Chad Cotter
Administrative Fire Chief: Brad Brady
Wastewater Plant Manager: Nathaniel Allsup
Aldermen: Tyler Marshall, Ronnie Dukes, Jarrad Stump, Ann Strom, Fred Taylor

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